About us

Hedonik is the expression of our love for fine artisan tradition and the quality of materials, but also our passion for avant-garde fashion expressions, unconventional forms and transformative objects.   
Hedonik was founded by Francesca Bianchi, a creator who gained international recognition for her artistic vision and sensual perfumes, with a brand that carries her name.
Francesca was born and raised among fashion manufacturers of Florence, Italy, and during her youth she was always surrounded by precious textiles and leather goods, skilled artisans and designers. 


Pleasure, Leisure.

Hedonik’s commitment is to create objects of pleasure in all possible variations. 
Our objects of pleasure vary from leather accessories to perfumes: you are free to interpret them as they suit you best. 
They can be Pop-Fetish, Dark, Rock, Punk, Fun.  
They enhance or transform your identity. Wear them, then decide whether to enter your office or your bedroom. Enjoy them under a tuxedo, over a blouse, or on bare skin. 
We would like to think that you’ll also wear them while going to the supermarket.
Of course, our objects are unisex. 


Luxury, Quality.

We love Quality. It is the essential condition for Luxury. 
Each of our products is designed with no compromise on cost, offering the most refined materials and employing the highest craftsmanship for their realisation. Our leather goods are designed by Francesca Bianchi in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and manufactured in Florence, Italy – the most famous artisanal centre for luxury leather in the whole world. 
Our perfumes are designed by Francesca herself. She uses the most refined raw materials distilled by a family-run company in the realm of perfumery, Grasse, in the South of France. 
The perfumes are finally manufactured in Milan, Italy.



Our objects of pleasure are not simple accessories, but transformative tools.
Wear them over a simple outfit and it will become stylish. Wear them in front of the mirror and observe how they transform your face and attitude. 
Which mood are you looking for? 
How would you like to represent yourself?
Find your own way by expanding the possibilities of your expression.